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NEBO Glow Stainless-Steel Tumbler Holder: will fit a 30oz Tumbler or a 20oz Tumbler with the Included Insert, This Cup Handle Doubles Over As A High Lumen Flashlight - 6668

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Since you are looking at the NEBO GLOW Light plus Handle we are going to assume that you are ready to take control of your tumbler and stop allowing it to control you it. 30 ounce Tumblers are such huge part of everyday life. The majority of them are the same size and shape, which means that the majority of them are hard to hold onto. When your hands are full dealing with everyday life, you have to sandwich it in between your forearm and body. Now you have a high probability of dropping your nice shiny tumbler. I do not know about you, but we were absolutely tired of dropping our favorite cups. There is no doubt that you have found yourself with a tumbler in one hand and your phone, keys, bag, leash or kids in the other hand; sometimes you are juggling all of the above at the same time. All of a sudden you find your cup slipping from your grip. In your mind, you feel like a super hero for juggling all the above, and we will back you up on that. But, imagine that this is all happening at night time; can you see in the dark. The NEBO GLOW Light plus Handle makes your tumbler easier to hold onto and carry, and it gives you the power of light in your hand. No more slipping, dripping or tripping in the dark while trying to hold onto your tumbler. The GLOW fits most standard vehicle cup holders. Let us not forget that this is perfect for the great outdoors as well. Go ahead, enjoy a drink from your cup, but do it with a firm grip on your tumbler, you will feel like you have a firm grip your life. We cannot guarantee that your life will improve with a NEBO GLOW, but the confidence that you will get by lighting up every room that you walk into will be undeniable. P.S. We cannot confirm or deny that the NEBO GLOW is used by the likes of Batman and Chuck Norris to hold onto their favorite tumblers, but think about it for a second; it only makes sense.